Subjects in photos are not actual clients at Beit Lynn

BEIT LYNN - Child Protection Center

Jerusalem, Israel


Beit Lynn targets the following population:
Minors up to age 18
Victims of sexual, physical or psychological abuse
Victims who have been harmed by family or non-family members

Beit Lynn fills a critical gap in Israel's social service network for victims of abuse. Today, victims may undergo a lengthy and painful diagnosis and investigation process that includes:
Multiple interviews by professionals from different agencies
Lack of coordination between various agencies and traveling from office to office
A complex and drawn-out diagnosis and decision making process

This process can further harms the child or youth and can often result in:
Further suffering to the child or youth
Continued exposure of the victim to the offender
Collection of incomplete or inaccurate information
Misplacement of medical or general data
Inefficient joint decision making processes, especially decisions that need to be made immediately
Inability to develop clear-cut interventions in order to prevent further suffering to the victim
Mixed messages and lack of clarity to the child and family regarding the situation
Lack of a holistic approach that treats both the child and family

The Beit Lynn Center aims to:
Shorten and centralize the interview and diagnosis process
Provide immediate initial intervention if and when necessary
Improve the decision making process and provide referrals and recommendations for further treatment
Ensure a sensitive and multi-faceted professional response

In order to ensure a holistic and sensitive response, Beit Lynn:
Offers children and youth a safe, warm and friendly environment
Facilitates joint decision making meetings between a child protection officer, a youth investigator, a pediatrician, a social worker and other professionals
Provides medical checkups and initial urgent treatment
Refers victims and their families to appropriate services in the community for long-term intervention

Beit Lynn was established through the kind support of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, in partnership with:
Israel Ministry of Welfare
Israel Police
Israel Ministry of Justice
Israel Ministry of Health
Jerusalem Municipality

Children and youth at Beit Lynn receive help from a holistic and professional team which includes:
A child protection officer (social worker)
A child investigator (social worker)
A youth investigator (policeman)
A housemother
A pediatrician
An attorney

Characteristics of the population visiting Beit Lynn:
In 2003 - 2004, 700 children and youth were treated at Beit Lynn
42% were boys, 58% girls
50% of clients were harmed by a family member
55% of the cases were girls and boys who suffered sexual abuse, 45% of the cases were victims of physical abuse
55% of the physical abuse cases involved boys
32% of the sexual abuse cases involved boys

The Beit Lynn National Network:
An additional Beit Lynn Protection Center will be set up at Tel Hashomer Hospital near Tel Aviv during 2005
Eight additional Centers will be established throughout the country over the next 10 years

Contact Details:
POB 9079
Jerusalem 91090